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450 x ProRender PBR Building Materials S01 AIO for Cinema 4D


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450 x ProRender PBR Building Materials S01 AIO for Cinema 4D


Here I am presenting you with All-In-One ProRender materials library for Cinema 4D. This library Contains 450 ProRender PBR Building Materials. All textures used are custom made and seamless/tileable textures.

This is AIO of Building Material libraries for the new AMD Radeon ProRender renderer in C4D R19. This library does not require other libraries and is in itself a comprehensive and complete library.

Each category has been put into it’s own folder. Further any category of materials that have sub-categories have been put into their own sub-folders for better categorisation and management.

You can tweak the material properties to satisfy your own needs. I hope you enjoy my work and find it useful in your own project(s).

This AIO Library Contains Following:

  • 32 x Brick Materials
  • 30 x Concrete Materials
    • 6 x Concrete Blocks
    • 6 x Concrete Patterned
    • 8 x Concrete Plain
    • 10 x Concrete Tiles
  • 26 x Fence Materials
  • 50 x Flooring Materials
    • 14 x Flooring – Bricks
    • 10 x Flooring – Carpets
    • 10 x Flooring – Linoleum
    • 16 x Flooring – Wood
  • 62 x Glass Materials
    • 12 x Frosted
    • 15 x Plain
    • 25 x Stained
    • 10 x Stained – Floral
  • 27 x Marble Materials
    • 12 x Plain
    • 15 x Marble Tiles
  • 20 x Plaster Materials
  • 10 x Porcelain Materials
  • 15 x Roof Materials
  • 20 x Stone Materials
  • 55 x Tile Materials
    • 8 x Concrete Tiles
    • 12 x Design Tiles
    • 10 x Mosaic Tiles
    • 25 x Stone Tiles
  • 85 x Wall Materials
    • 8 x Concrete Wall Materials
    • 4 x Misc Wall Materials
    • 25 x Paint Wall Materials
    • 15 x SciFi Wall Materials
    • 15 x Stone Wall Materials
    • 8 x Urban Wall Materials
    • 10 x Wallpaper Wall Materials
  • 18 x Wood Materials

Please do check my other material libraries as well.

Bonus: I am including material test preview scene as bonus along with PSD template for custom textures or for your own logo if required.

Material Category: Building
Materials Sub-Category: AIO
Materials Type: ProRender PBR
Plugins Required: No (for C4D R19)
Number of Materials: 450
Tested in: Cinema 4D R19

Files Included:
smaProRender_BLDG_S01_AIO.lib4d (works directly in content browser)
Material Previews

PreviewSceneProRender-01.c4d (ProRender Scene without my logo)

3DOcean-22087533-450 x ProRender PBR Building Materials S01 AIO for Cinema 4D.zip

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  1. Сначала я был настроен скептически, но был очень удивлен, увидев, что это работает!

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