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What is Whats ChatBot Software ?

Whats ChatBot Software – is Advance Software with Unique Feature for send automatic response of whatsapp chat.

If you are business owner , what to send response to your customer on whatsapp automatically as per there query.

  • Whats ChatBot Send Automatic Response to your whatsapp customer
  • WhatsChatBot Can Send Welcome message if someone is first time user
  • WhatsChatBot can send any type of attachment message also
  • In WhatsChatBot You can send interactive button Message also
  • In WhatsChatBot you can create your own rule for how to Whatsapp chatbot React

Project Requirement

  • Google Chrome Latest Version

Installation Process

  • You will Recieve only Software. Code is not Included
  • After Purchase Product purchase code is your Licence code. if you face issue in license please email me at [email protected]

    you can check what is Purchase Code from this link :
  • After i Confirm your purchase Code , Please Unzip Main File and Run AllinWhatsappSender.exe and Register your Licence as per below Screen.
  • Whats ChatBot -Automatic Response - 1

    • Licence Email : Registered Email.
    • Registration Code : Evanto Purchase Code.
    • After Registration you can Use Software.

Getting Started

After Registration Licence , Start Software, software start with below screen

Whats ChatBot -Automatic Response - 2

  • Chatbot window open and scan your whatsapp QR code with your mobile whatsapp device
  • Whats ChatBot -Automatic Response - 3

  • Configure ChatBot Rules- Click on Setting icon on chatbot window
    Whats ChatBot -Automatic Response - 4
    Whats ChatBot -Automatic Response - 5
  • You can create Two types of Rules :
    • WelcomeMessage : This is welcome message is sent when user first time contact you on whatsapp
      Example :

      Please chooze our service
      1 : you press 1
      2 : you press 2
      back: back to menu
    • Rules : You can create Rules With your Rule Keyword : Like you want if user send message keyword: 1 then you want to send some unique message to your user
      • Rule Name : Unique name of your rule
      • Rule Keyword : Unique keyword of your rule like for example your add : 1
      • Message :Message is sent when someone send message equal to Rule keyword
      • Attachment :You can add attachment of anytype
      • Enabled : you can enable or disable your rule
      • ButtonFile : You can create Three types of button : Reply ,Phone and URL
        • Whats ChatBot -Automatic Response - 6
  • You can Start Chatbot Process, so that chatbot respond user message
    Whats ChatBot -Automatic Response - 7

    Whats ChatBot -Automatic Response - 8

  • CodeCanyon-44338851-Whats ChatBot -Automatic

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