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Pretty URLs for Code canyon
PrestaShop friendly URL module removes IDs, numbers, alphabets and special characters from your shop URLs that are added – by default – to the products, services, and CMS pages in PrestaShop. It helps you remove the ugly signs from the URL links to turn them into PrestaShop SEO URLs, as it ensures search engine ranking and visibility of your store products and services.

Area of Functionality (A Detailed Overview)
PrestaShop by default adds unusual signs in shop URLs. Pretty URLs module simplifies the links by eliminating those irritating IDs to make it human readable and understandable as well as search engine friendly.
For example, an ugly URL looks like this,
which can be cleaned and human scannable like this, because above URL is confusing the user as well as search engine about the actual number of tips, is it 7, 49 or 497?
Furthermore, the module automatically sets 301 redirections to divert traffic from the old links (ugly URLs) to the pretty URLs. This prevents the loss of traffic coming from previous SEO efforts, as they are sent to the new page without showing them a ‘Page Not Found’ error.
PrestaShop SEO URL module proves to be a helpful tool for merchants to clean the unwanted IDs and integers from the URLs and take away the hurdles in getting maximum online exposure. Here are powerful features that make it a unique plugin for retailers and store owners.
Eliminates auto-generated IDs from the URLs
Enhances SEO by creating friendly links
Instantly applies 301 redirections for improving traffic
Avoids 404 ( Page Not Found ) Errors
Reports conflicting and duplicate URLs between products, categories, and CMS pages

The most compelling feature of friendly URL PrestaShop addon is working on the backside, which ensures the creation of SEO-friendly URLS while you focus on the rest of business operations. The permanent redirection is also worth mentioning, as it retains the higher rankings of your store regardless of assigning new URLs.
If you are still ambiguous about the plugin, please feel free to contact us and ask what is on your mind.

PrestaShop SEO Friendly URLs – Is it Effective?

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